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ANAVAR 25MG – 50 Tablets


Anavar (Oxandrolone)
25 MG – 100 Tablets

What is Anavar?
Fusion Pharma’s Anavar is a very well known oral steroid the actual name for this drug is Oxandrolone, but Anavar is the trade name. This steroid was developed back in the 1960s for chemotherapy, muscle wasting diseases osteoporosis and also for helping kids that had imbalanced hormone issues. In the late 1980s, the FDA removed it, and people can no longer use it. But a lot of other countries still use this steroid. It is a very good steroid. It is for oral use, and it is extremely mild on the body.Anavar is derived from a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) molecule so what scientists have done is to take a DHT molecule, remove the second carbon position, and add an oxygen molecule there instead. This was supposed to increase the anabolic activity for this specific Oxandrolone. It also has a methyl group added to it so it can be ingested making it a c-17 alkylated steroid, so it actually can pass through the liver without being broken down and becoming useless. Oxandrolone is classified as a c-17 alkylated steroid as well as a DHT derivative. On the anabolic scale test being 100, Anavar comes out at 322 to 630. Although that is the rating, it is not really directly related to the results that you will get. As far as the androgenic rating of this steroid, it comes out at 24, so it is drastically lower than testosterone which means that the androgenic side-effects are going to be a lot lower. The estrogen conversion rate of this steroid is 0. There is no estrogen conversion with this steroid at all so you cannot expect any estrogen side-effects from the steroid.Anavar Side Effects
Anavar does not convert at all to estrogen or any other compound. Taken orally or via injection, Anavar remains a DHT derivative (similar to other DHT derivative compounds like Primobolan, Anadrol or Winstrol). They are stronger because there is no conversion to estrogen or any other metabolites. It is much easier on the liver and much less toxic due to its mild nature, however it is an oral steroid with harsh, toxic properties. It will still affect your cholesterol, blood pressure and liver. Anavar can be just as liver toxic as other oral steroids such as Dianobol, Anadrol or Winstrol, because they are all C-17 alkylated steroids. Anavar is a very mild steroid so the side effects can be extremely mild next to none but be prepared for anything because everyone is different.As far as estrogenic side effects, there is zero conversion, so there are no estrogenic side effects whatsoever when it comes to Anavar. However, if you are using Anavar and you have estrogenic side effects it is likely from your testosterone or maybe some other steroid that you are taking, so just keep that in mind. Even though this drug has a very low antigenic rating, the androgenic side effects are going to be next to none basically but expect anything. You could expect acne, male pattern baldness pubic hair growth, or raising of the DHT levels. If you start to see side effects it is in your DHT levels. There are some things you can take to help lower those also. It does not affect cardiovascular health that much, but it still does so by basically raising the LDL cholesterol while lowering the HDL cholesterol. So just keep that in mind be sure to take your omega-3 fatty acids as well and stay away from the saturated fats and implement a good cardio regimen to help with that cardiovascular health.
Also, Anavar can shut down your testosterone. Just like with every other steroid some studies have shown that while Anavar does not shut testosterone down as much as other steroids, long-term use can shut your testosterone down.
Thus you should always do testosterone as the base of every cycle to be on the safer side. Never take anything by itself. Never use anything without testosterone whether you are doing a TRT level or a higher level. Just use testosterone as the base you do not want to ruin bodily functions and things within your system. In terms of liver toxicity, Anavar being the mildest steroid shows only a slight toxicity traces on the liver but it is not as toxic as most other steroids. Always get your blood work done see what your liver enzymes levels are at and. Skip that alcohol and be careful with any medications to avoid liver damage. Even though it is mild it still can promote some liver toxicity.
Anavar Benefits
Anavar increases strength and produces lean gains with minor water retention. There is quality muscle gain that is longer-lasting and easier to maintain after cycle completion. In a random double-blind study that involved patients with 40% total body surface area burns, two groups were divided. One group was chosen to receive standard burn care with Anavar, and the other group was treated without Anavar. The patients treated with Anavar showed quicker healing, preserved muscle mass, reduced catabolism and improved body composition, which shortened their overall time staying in the hospital. Anavar was actually used to help with post-surgery weight loss, chronic infections and severe trauma.
Anavar will increase protein synthesis. It is also going to increase Nitrogen retention and also inhibits the sex hormone binding globulin serum which basically means that you’re going to have more free testosterone within the system. Serum will not attach to any of the actual molecules and bog them down. This steroid also inhibits glucocorticoid hormones which means that it is very good at retaining muscle also increases your blood count. Also, it promotes lipolysis by utilizing T3 more efficiently. T3 is a hormone that helps regulate the metabolism and Anavar allows it to just utilize T3 way more efficiently.
Anavar is very well known for being one of those steroids that is good with fat loss. It brings a little bit of strength and endurance to the table, and there is zero water retention with this specific steroid because there’s no estrogen conversion, so it has a lot of good effects that come with it, but it is a very mild steroid. Anavar is very effective on a cut when you are utilizing your cardio and your nutrition properly. All of these go hand-in-hand. If you are not going to do the right nutrition and the right cardio, you are really not going to see any leanness. It also helps to maintain muscle mass while you are in your cut as well.
Anavar for Fat Burning
Anavar is not for weight loss, even though it has a fat-burning benefit. There is a difference between losing 20-30 lbs, and having the improved capability to burn stubborn fat areas. Many people claim that Anavar is just a fat burner. Any steroid that promotes muscle development can indirectly have fat burning effects. It can help you to appear leaner because you are gaining lean muscle, and it is a nice dry compound. Your muscles will likely seem more defined with Anavar with some hardening effect to them. Anavar reduces visceral fat, and you can achieve the most results out of it by having your diet and training in check.
Suggested Dosage and Administration
A good use for Anavar is to use it at the end of a cycle or pre-contest to polish off and give you that nice clean hardening effect when you are done. For men, it is not recommended to go over 60 milligrams per day. If you have high-quality Anavar there is no need to go any higher than that. For females, 10 milligrams a day is a really good starting point and it is not recommended to go over 20 milligrams per day. Considering Anavar is more mild, there won’t be a need to go on a cycle that exceeds 6-8 weeks. Half-life is about 10 hours so it is recommended to dose twice a day. Plan for detection time to be 3-4 weeks. You will need a full Post Cycle Therapy (not just a mini cycle) to be fully successful with administration.
Never run Anavar for more than 8 weeks. It is a milder steroid on the liver so it can be run more than 6 weeks but do not go more than eight weeks. That is the max with Anavar – it is not something you want to use for bulking, unless you are doing a ton of cardio it might work. If you are going to use it for a cut use it the right way, so the way you would use Anavar is first you would go on an 8-week cycle of tests and Anavar so utilize them both at the same time. This is a cutting cycle, so utilize your test at 250 to 300mg a week. You do not want your estrogen conversion to be very high, so keep that at higher TRT level. Maybe a little higher than 250 to 300mg a week of testosterone then add your Anavar in there for 80 to 100mg a day. To yield amazing results, do that for 8 weeks and implement the right nutrition for a cut and also implement the proper cardio for a reduction.

You will be able to maintain your muscle mass and lean out very nicely, and it is going to feel great as well. Apart from using the steroid for a cut, you could also utilize it for longer cycles. For example, you want to do 12 weeks or a 14-week period of whatever you would start that cycle, and then the last 8 weeks of your cycle you would use your Anavar 200mg a day and again utilizing the proper nutrition and cardio to make sure you get that cut that you are looking for.
Medical Disclaimer
Please contact your physician and do thorough research before starting any type of diet, exercise program, supplement program, drug therapy or if you feel that you may have an existing medical condition.
The information presented here should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Legal issues regarding anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province and country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.


Anavar benefits are:
Fat burning and muscle definition

Moderate level muscle-growth

Lean muscle mass and big pumps

Prevention of water retention

Intense strength and endurance

Higher muscular performance

Speedy muscle and bone recoveries

Better results of resistance training

Anavar side effects:
In terms of side effects, Anavar has a profile that is somehow better than other steroids. But, this androgenic anabolic steroid is not an exception.

It also has androgenic complications like hair thinning and acne and causes masculinization in women. Moreover, Anavar greatly impairs the cholesterol levels, causing a massive dip in HDL and a rise in LDL. This condition turns worse for users with preexisting issues related to cholesterol.

Now, oral steroids are not as hard on the liver as injectables are. And since Anavar is an oral drug, it may not turn too dangerous for the liver. However, there are cases indicating a connection between higher doses of Anavar and liver failure. Yes, anabolic steroids including Anavar can lead to irreversible damage to the liver that may come in the form of tumors, cysts, and sometimes, failure.

Besides, it can harm HPTA and suppress endogenous testosterone in the body. Considering this; health experts recommend a PCT soon after, while discouraging steroids in the short and long-run.


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