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PROVIRON 20MG – 50 Tablets


Proviron (Mesterolone)
20 MG – 50 Capsules

What is Proviron?
Genetix Pharmaceuticals Proviron is also called Mesterolone. Roughly about 5% of testosterone undergoes 5-alpha-reduction to form the potent androgen DHT or dihydrotestosterone which you might have heard of at one point or the other. DHT is a sex hormone. It is an androgen hormone which plays a really major role in the formation of the male genitals. In adults, it acts as the primary androgen in the prostate and hair follicles. Proviron is almost as pure as DHT steroid as you’re going to find all. With DHT compounds like Proviron, you don’t need to worry about any sort of aromatization whatsoever or estrogen conversionStudies out there have shown that Proviron is effective for depression, anxiety and it also can boost a lack of sex drive. It would make sense that those that are bipolar would benefit from using Proviron and it is generally prescribed by doctors to men with low libido. Also, it’s a precursor to full TRT or testosterone replacement therapy. Proviron became popular many years ago because it has some anti-estrogen properties. It has a high affinity to bind to the aromatize enzyme so anabolic steroid users can use it to help to boost the aromatize inhibitor that they may be using.Proviron itself should not be used as an aromatase inhibitor. It has these properties as stated but just because it has properties does not mean that it is a full all-out substitute. It may allow you to dose your AI a little bit lower if need be, that’s something that you have to test through blood work, but it’s going to help add strength and potency to the AI that you’re using. So if you’re using Arimidex 0.5 milligrams every other day, for example, you might, not a guarantee but there’s a chance that you could maybe lower that dose a little. Because there are a lot of people don’t like to dose their AIs high, and some people prefer not to use them even though we need them, but it basically adds some flexibility there for you.

A lot of people back in time we’re also using Proviron during post cycle therapy but studies have shown that it is slightly suppressive so it might be something that you might not want to do now, but in four weeks that’s debatable. I’ve seen people use it in post psychotherapy plenty of times four to six-week post cycles and showed blood work and recover well, but it’s something that you might want to consider. There’s no need to use it in PCT at all. While I’m not going to tell you that it’s something you should use either.

So basically as a result of this, hyper-virant dosage can prevent the pituitary gland from recovering after a steroid cycle. Some people do insist like I said that it doesn’t suppress during PCT or during a bridge. But that is just debatable there’s a side note here some studies do support the long-term use of Proviron at high doses without serious suppression. The science is there in some cases, and it’s not in other cases, so it’s one of those things where it affects everybody differently.

Because we have Aromasin, Arimidex, and Letrozole, Proviron should be obsolete in terms of people even thinking it’s an aromatase inhibitor I rarely see it anymore. I do see it a lot of old schools you know users will still have that in their head, but generally, I don’t see too many people asking about that, but I want to make it clear so. It doesn’t mean that Proviron doesn’t have uses on cycles when using aromatize and compound like Deebo, Testosterone, and deca to a small extent. A user can expect to have a harder look more vascularity and less puffiness when they use Proviron with anything, especially with a wet compound, so it does have benefits there. Another benefit is that it binds very well to SHBG which is your sex hormone binding globulin This is the hormone responsible for reducing free testosterone circulating in your body and this is probably the reason why some people do use provider during PCT.

Benefits of Proviron
One of the things about Proviron is that it lowers your SHBG which in turn frees-up bound testosterone and by doing so indirectly it’s allowing you to gain much more. It’s not going to have a direct effect on your muscle size so Proviron in itself is not going to go out there and make you gain five or ten pounds but by freeing up bound testosterone, it’s going to allow you to get more out of what you’re doing. So if you’re running a cycle say, a basic cycle test and you add Proviron provider in there you’re going to allow yourself to get more out of it because you’re freeing up on testosterone which is going to allow you to gain more size and mass, so it has its role.

It is just like an NBA team when you got maybe a player that all they do is their specialty is defense well you need that to win the championship. Of course maybe they don’t have any offensive skills whatsoever and you’re not going to look to him to score but that defensive hound is gonna get you what you need one of those dogs that you need to scrap and fight and win its kind of like the San Antonio Spurs that don’t always have all the talent but is part of the team that’s gonna help you to get to the top, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. Its side effects are minimal, and it can add so much to your cycle.

People will say well I don’t feel like Proviron does anything, but you have to understand what Proviron does If you understand what it does then you can see how it works but if you take Proviron in and you expect something on the surface then you, of course, you’re not going to like it. It works behind the scenes, so you know other people to you will appreciate the hardening abilities that Proviron has. Because it will add muscle hardening people compare it like to an oral Masteron, it’s not to that extent so don’t get confused and think that it’s going to make you know to harden your muscles like Masteron, but It does have these properties, so it’s going to give you a drier look.

It doesn’t have anabolic properties, so you have to understand that so you need to stack it with other compounds. Just running it on its own, you might get that libido boost you know because of lowering your SHBG, but you’re not going to get a ton of other you to know things there in retrospective it’s just being used on its own now.

Proviron Side Effects
Since Proviron is such a pure DHT derivative, we can logically say that it comes with side effects just like any other anabolic steroids. But the side effects that come from it you know is because of the DHT characteristics. So maybe if you have male pattern baldness issues in the past, it could potentially speed that up or give you some hair loss shedding issues. If you don’t, chances are very slim that you are going to have that it. It can also enlarge the prostate but this is generally only in people that abuse it. It’s not c-17 alpha alkylated so liver problems should not be an issue with it at all in their blood pressure and their kidneys or anything else like that.

Suggested Dosage and Administration
The half-life of Proviron there’s around 12 hours recommended dose is between 25 to 75 milligrams generally. If you ask me 50 milligrams while I never go over 50 milligrams, I don’t know to go under that either the detection time on it is 5 to 6 weeks minimum so people that are tested often you might want to avoid using it.

Other Safety Precautions
Females are not advised to take Proviron because of the DHT properties being so heavy in it. Side effects can be unpredictable in females.

Medical Disclaimer
Please contact your physician and do thorough research before starting any type of diet, exercise program, supplement program, drug therapy or if you feel that you may have an existing medical condition.

The information presented here should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Legal issues regarding anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province and country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.


Proviron is an androgenic/anabolic steroid with a particularly high affinity for SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). SHBG is a protein that acts by binding to sex hormones and preventing them from interacting within the body at places like the AR (androgen receptor). Because of its high affinity with SHBG, Proviron’ main use is to competitively bind with SHBG, freeing up more of the endogenous hormone to be active within the body. In effect, proviron acts as a ‘magnifier’ of the anabolic effects of steroid hormones. It also exhibits anti-aromatase activity, hence helping to prevent the conversion of certain steroids into estrogen. As a result, the intake of Proviron while on a cycle of steroids, results in a ‘hardening’ of skeletal muscle – a look which is very popular amongst steroid users. One side effect of Proviron is the increased frequency and severity of erections, particularly during sleep/upon waking. Although Proviron is an orally administered steroid, and is alkylated to survive the first pass through the liver, it is considered to be almost completely non-toxic to the liver.

Proviron is used to replace testosterone in men with hypogonadism. Male hypogonadism is a condition when the body does not produce enough testosterone.

Testosterone is a natural male hormone, known as an androgen, which controls normal sexual development in men.

Testosterone is essential for the development and maintenance of the male reproductive organs as well as other male characteristics, such as hair growth, deep voice, sexual drive, muscle mass and body fat distribution.

Proviron is for use in male patients only.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any of the following and they worry you:

fluid retention
breast enlargement
increased sexual drive
psychiatric disturbances such as depression, aggression, increased or decreased energy levels, elation or irritability
excessive hairiness
premature puberty
stunted growth

In the medical world for the treatment of insufficient androgenicity, a single tablet of 50mg once per day is used at the onset of treatment. In the treatment of male infertility, the same dosages are normally used, though other fertility-boosting drugs are also included alongside Proviron.

In the case of bodybuilders and athletes, Proviron is normally used between 50 – 150mg per day to either control Estrogen levels, reduce water retention (caused by estrogen), or to increase fertility following the conclusion of a cycle.

Although Proviron is not approved for use in females, some females in the athletic and bodybuilding community do elect to use it. In this case, a single Proviron dosage of 25mg per day is enough to alter the look of the physique. This should be done no longer than 4 – 5 weeks in order to avoid virilization effects.


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