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DIANABOL 20MG – 50 Tablets


DIANABOL by Dynamic Pharmaceuticals contains 50 oral tablets of Methandrostenolone 20mg per tablet. For oral consumption only.


Dianabol (Methandrostenolone)
20 MG – 50 Tablets

What is Dianabol?
Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) or D-bol is an oral steroid that is super popular most common out of all the steroids. It was originally designed to enhance our Olympic athletes back in the 1950s. Over time it has been used with higher doses for bodybuilding and it has been a great mass builder to kickstart any cycle. Dianabol is classified as a c-17 alpha alkylated steroid so just like every other steroid Dianabol is based off of the testosterone molecule, then altered at the 17th carbon position. On the other hand Deca is altered at the 19th carbon position. Scientists have taken a methyl group that is basically a molecule based off methane, and they have added it to the 17th carbon position which allows it to survive the liver enzyme – and that is how it goes into the system and actually does its work. Without this 17th carbon position modification, it would not survive the liver enzymes at all.Dianabol also has the first and second carbon positions altered as well. What they’ve done with this is that they’ve added a double bond which is supposed to reduce the androgenic side-effects. Androgenic basically refers to the androgen receptors within the cells that the steroid molecule binds to. It is supposed to use less of those causing fewer side effects. What they’ve learned over time is that it didn’t help that much. There are very high androgenic side effects when it comes to Dianabol.Dianabol has a short half-life of four to six hours, so it’s in and out of the system extremely fast. When we look at the anabolic scale the energetic scale and the estrogen conversion scale we see the numbers. We always compare it to testosterone which is still a hundred for each. With the anabolic scale, Dianabol comes out at 210 which means it is more than twice with them. The anabolic scale anabolic refers to tissue growth. On the energetic scale again androgen receptors it gives a rating of 40 to 60. This means it’s quite a bit lower than testosterone. But what you should remember about what they’ve learned is that those antigen side-effects are still very high and when it comes to the estrogen conversion rate they’ve given, it is a moderate conversion rate which they’ve learned over time as is not very true. 

Dianabol Benefits
Dianabol increases protein synthesis and increases nitrogen retention keeping the muscles in a higher anabolic state. Also it has a great glycogenolysis ability meaning this is the nutrient partitioning that everyone always talks about basically. Glycogenolysis is how the body converts glycogen back into glucose it makes it more effective more efficient just making it better all-around. Also, Dianabol has a weak relationship with the serum binding proteins within the blood. Basically these are the air within the blood. They attach to the testosterone molecule and bog it down. It cannot be utilized within the cells, cannot enter the cell and cannot bind to the antigen receptors. Basically when those serum binding proteins attach themselves that testosterone molecule or steroid molecule can no longer be used so as a weak relationship with that so more are being utilized within the system.

Dianabol Side Effects
Remember that Dianabol was given a moderate conversion for estrogen, but in reality, it is actually very high with estrogen side-effects because it actually converts into what’s called methyl estradiol. This is ten times stronger than only estradiol or estrogen. Which is why with Dianabol, the estrogen side-effects are very high. With the first off being gyno, next one being extreme water retention and also high blood pressure. You will need to battle these with your SERMS and AIs.

Next is the androgenic side-effects. Remember it has a lower androgenic rating of 40 to 60, but in all reality, Dianabol is notoriously known for androgenic side effects. So first off being acne. Acne is really bad on this for some people. Also, hair loss if you’re prone to it. Also pubic hair growth everywhere else throughout the body. Next is the cardiovascular side effects. It raises your cholesterol, which can be deceiving because it may not raise your overall cholesterol, but it raises the bad cholesterol and brings good cholesterol down. That is something you need to watch out for. Also for blood pressure, it raises blood pressure, and that is mainly due to the extreme water retention within the system.

For the testosterone side effects, like every other testosterone or steroid, when supplementing the body shuts down natural testosterone production. Even though Dianabol is a testosterone derivative, it still doesn’t support testosterone functions, so when the natural testosterone has shut down, those functions are no longer supported. This is why it’s extremely important to always use testosterone as the base to any cycle. If you’re using Dianabol, you must run testosterone at the same time.

Dianabol is also extremely toxic on the liver. It raises the liver enzymes. This is because it is a c-17 alpha steroid as it goes as it passes through the liver of the enzyme shoot up and for a prolonged period this can cause liver damage. Thus you need to be very careful while using the steroid, and avoid using it for long periods of time. You’re going to be fighting that with Tudca and your Nac. Avoid alcohol at all costs while using the steroid to help keep the liver enzymes down.

Suggested Dose and Administration
Dianabol is a bulking agent so you do not want to use it for cutting cycles. You use it for bulking and getting significant mass. It is a kick start agent. Never base your cycles off Dianabol as it’s always going to be at the beginning of your cycle or maybe in the middle when you’ve hit a plateau. But it’s typically used while you’re waiting for those long ester injectables to reach their peak within the system, so it’s used as a kickstart.

Never use Dianabol for more than four to six weeks at a time. It’s very toxic on the liver and you want to minimize that liver toxicity. Dianabol has a four to six-hour half-life, so you want to put your doses throughout the day. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced recommended doses. But the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced, is basically how long you’ve been using it. It refers to the sensitivity that your body has to this specific steroid. So if you’re using 25 milligrams a day and your body reacts very well to that, you can continue using that until your body has become accustomed to it. Gauge your body see how your body reacts to and base your dosing off of that.

With that said, a beginner dosage would be somewhere between 15 and 25 milligrams a day. An intermediate dosage would be somewhere between 30 and 50 milligrams, while an advanced user would use somewhere around 50 to 80 milligrams a day. Remember it has a four to six-hour half-life so you want to split these doses throughout the day. This way you can do it twice a day, or for every six hours take that oral steroid and add it up to your daily milligram doses. Do that for four to six weeks while you’re waiting for your longer esters kick in.

Safety Precautions
Also while using the steroid you want to make sure that you’re using your proper SERMs and AIs to battle all the estrogen side-effects. You have to cut whatever your liver support you have going on to help your liver cleanse and get rid of that toxicity. Keep it at four to six weeks, figure out what dosing you want to run and try it out.

Medical Disclaimer
Please contact your physician and do thorough research before starting any type of diet, exercise program, supplement program, drug therapy or if you feel that you may have an existing medical condition.

The information presented here should not be considered medical recommendation in any way. Legal issues regarding anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and other performance related drugs vary from state, province and country. If these drugs are illegal according to the laws governing, please do not engage in their use.

Dianabol pills work by replicating the effects of the male hormone, testosterone. Introducing synthetic testosterone into your system triggers your body to build and maintain muscle. Anabolic steroids like Dianabol promote cell growth, also known as anabolism. That’s how your muscles get bigger and stronger. Dianabol effectively increases the natural production of essential amino acids and proteins, giving you the building blocks to get huge. It also helps your body store more glycogen, helping you feel energized and ready to conquer any workout! Dianabol pills before and after results are nothing short of impressive. It can provide game-changing results that push your body further than ever before.


Side Effects

  • Possible Dermatological Side Effects: Excess oil production, acne, stretch marks, Seborrheic dermatitis, Sudden body hair growth, hair loss, Jaundice, edema
  • Possible Hormonal Side Effects: Testicular cancer, gynecomastia, prostate hypertrophy, testicular hypertrophy
  • Possible Cardiovascular Risks: High blood pressure, blood clots, cardiomyopathy, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, artery damage, heart attack, stroke
  • Possible Musculoskeletal Troubles: Increased risk for tendon injuries, muscle hypertrophy, muscle trains


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