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The General Guide to Viagra and Cialis

The General Guide to Viagra and Cialis

Viagra and Cialis

Before you begin using steroids such as Viagra and Cialis, you need to learn how to use them and which once you should take and at what moment. When looking for the best steroids that can give you a good erection and make you last long then you have look for Viagra and Cialis.
The Best Steroids for Beginners

Most beginners who are new to using steroids are normally apprehensive when it comes to such issues and they for no apparent reason. The reason why most people are skeptical is due to the fact that there is a lot of misinformation that is spread people hence making beginners to be apprehensive.
What Should One Expect From Viagra and Cialis?
Viagra and Cialis helps in blood circulation to the man’s penis and it really helps men who have erectile dysfunction but that is not the only thing that Viagra does. A lot has been spread for a long time with false information showing men taking Viagra getting sexually aroused because of the drugs.
The truth about Viagra and Cialis is that it helps erection for those who are sexually aroused. The best help that you get Viagra and Cialis is that you will be able to get an erection which is stronger to what one usually experience.
The good thing about it is once you have taken it; you can help how the erection builds up quickly than the normal rate. Men have reported that they have a good feeling when on Viagra and Cialis tablets and this makes them be able to enjoy sexual encounter with their spouses.
It is estimated that close to 20 million men in the world have a problem or suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and when this becomes a problem to men, most of them turn to oral medicines. Even though there may be differences between Viagra and Cialis, it is worth noticing that both medicines work in a similar way.
Drug Features
Viagra and Cialis are classified under drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors and they work by blocking an enzyme by the name phosphodiesterase type 5. Viagra and Cialis are also known to boost some chemical in the body called nitric oxide and this helps the muscles of the penis to relax.
When the muscles of the penis are relaxed, there is free flow of blood to the penis and one feels or gets aroused hence leading t an erection. The other good thing about the steroids is that one is able to maintain an erection for a long time during sex.
Viagra is capable to staying in the body or rather blood stream for around six hours whereas Cialis remains in the blood stream for close to 17 hours or even longer. If you are on some sort of medication, it is important to watch out so that you do not take the drug for long maybe it would be wise to go for Viagra.
Plan On The Tablet
The best time to have Viagra or Cialis is an hour before having sexual intercourse and one has to be very cautious and not rush over things. Sex is not something to be rushed neither is it a competition, it is an act that is enjoyable so it is good to keep things very simple and not complicate it.
Steroids such as Viagra and Cialis work best when the stomach is somehow empty and one is always advised to avoid alcohol and foods that have got fats in them. The tablets can be taken at least 90 minutes after a meal.
What Happens When It Does Not Work For The First Time?
It has been observed that for some men Viagra does not work for the first time and one could take a few doses before they begin having an effect on their system. When you use it for the first time and it does not work, then you should not be disappointed at all.
You need to try a few doses of Viagra and if it does not work for the first time then you can switch and try out Cialis due to the fact that some men respond differently with certain drugs.
For Viagra To Respond, You Have To Help It Work
Viagra can help and really works well but this steroid can work well when you help it to help you out. It is good to keep yourself hydrated and exercise regularly at least to keep fit and this will help your system well.
Sometimes it can be good to masturbate a little to help you reach an erection even before you and your partner decide to make love. This will help in making the process to begin immediately and blood will begin to flow and this will make the man have an erection and stay on for a long time.
The cost, Availability and Insurance
Cialis and Viagra together with other steroids can easily be found in most pharmacies and cost around the same amount of money. This is to say that they are affordable and can be easily got from stores around.
Side Effects
The side effects of Viagra and Cialis are just some slight discomforts that affect someone and these are just few effects that cannot have an effect on someone. Some men experience mild headaches or some sort of facial flushing.
When the head is heavy, then be sure that the medicine is actually doing its work and you can then rock on well till the time you and your partner will get exhausted. The side effects are few and when you realize something that is a bit awkward then you should call your doctor right away.
These two drugs have been proven to help men with ED when they are correctly applied. The drugs need time and patience and when being used.
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Most Popular Oral Steroids

Most Popular Oral Steroids

Oral Steroids in Canada
Ingredients, Purposes, Sources, and Safety Guidelines

The human body naturally has steroids and sometimes may not be able to produce sufficient amounts of protein synthesis. Some people train rigorously without considering that they need to combine good training with diet to achieve a good result. One should be able to choose oral steroids depending on the goals he has in mind and also considering advantages of each of them. The following are the most popular oral steroids:-

  1. Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone (Anavar) is a common steroid that many bodybuilders mostly use in a cutting cycle. It is perfect for body strength. This drug is known everywhere in the world to be the favorite drug that bodybuilders use for dieting. Athletes also use it especially for speed.
Oxandrolone is available in a few selective markets; the dosage together with the composition varies with different manufacturers. The modern brands commonly contain 2.5mg, 5mg or 10mg per steroid.
Most Oxandrolone drugs are available in the United States in 10mg and 2.5mg dosage. It has also been revealed through studies that those who take oral steroids with food decrease its bioavailabity.

  1. Winstrol

Winstrol or sometimes known as stanozolol is considered to be one of the most effective range of anabolic steroids. It is best for bodybuilders who are considering increasing muscle mass and also giving the body a dry look.
Most of the laboratories that produce Winstrol produce it in 50mg and 10mg tablets. Those who often take Winstrol drugs take a dosage of 40-80mg. Bodybuilders use Winstrol for cutting phases especially when they would want to achieve a body with less fat.
Winstrol is most popular with athletes that would want to achieve a good result on the track.

  1. Trenbolone

It seems that those who would wish to gain muscles have a variety to choose from. When you go to the market to look for tren, there are two types of tren that are available in the market that is acetate and enanthate.
This steroid is well known among bodybuilders and that is why when you go to the market, you will either find parabolan or Trenbolone enanthate. A person who would want to lose fats fast and gain big amounts of muscles should go for the Trenbolone steroids.
Most people term Trenbolone is the strongest steroid that gives the best results for a bodybuilder. Another good attribute about this steroid is that it gives one the much needed aggression especially when working out in the gym.

  1. Dianabol (Methandienone)

This steroid is known to be amongst the first to be produced in America. You should know that Dianabol is one of the oldest steroids in the history of sports and has remained the best oral bulking steroid.
One advantage about Dianabol is the fact that it helps to increase one’s strength therefore making the lifting of weights to be more effective. For those who would wish to have their muscle tissues this works as the most effective steroid.
Studies have shown the following about Dianabol steroids:-

  • They increase strength
  • They increase the rate of metabolism.
  • Helps those who are dieting.
  • Helps to increase muscle mass

For those who are beginning in the bodybuilding field then the best dosage that one can take is 10mg while regular athletes and bodybuilders can take around 5mg to 30mg.
It is good to use the recommended dosage for the steroids to avoid any kind of side effects that may come. For the bodybuilder to get the best results out of the Dianabol steroid, the steroid should be used during the off season period.

  1. Sustanon

Sustanon is really effective for those who want to increase strength and muscle mass. It is worth mentioning that sustanon works well with those bodybuilders that are at an advanced stage.
The young bodybuilders or those new to the body building world are advised to take around 250mg-100mg per week while a bodybuilder at an advanced stage can use more doses.
Sustanon is best if used with men and not women and this is due to the fact that it’s androgenic nature. Sustanon is just like any other steroid in the market and can be found from different outlets even online.
Sustanon is a major steroid that is produced by major pharmaceuticals and can be easily found at an affordable price.

  1. Equipoise

Equipoise is also another steroid that has bulking capabilities and helps to increase once appetite and the stamina.
Equipoise should be taken at around 300mg-500mg per week for those who are beginning bodybuilding. The dosage can increase to 500mg- 700mg per week for the intermediaries.
Equipoise is a bit scarce in the market and only popular among athletes and bodybuilders. The steroid is available in different varieties, forms and dosage and different sizes.
It is also good to note that the oral steroid is available is in 50ml, 100ml and 250ml. The price range is good due to the fact that the highest price that it can be bought at is around $170.

  1. Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the best steroids for bulking, cutting and increasing in strength. It is something that a bodybuilder should not miss amongst the steroids that he has. When you go to purchase testosterone you will find them in three categories namely: cypionate, propionate and enanthate. Testosterone is good for those who want to have a lean muscle mass. For those that are middleweight, it is recommended to take around 500mg-600mg per week. For a newbie, it is recommended to take around 250mg per week.
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Most Popular Injectable Steroids

Most Popular Injectable Steroids

General Guide
Most Popular Injectable Steroids

Trying to find a way to expediate your muscle growth? Thinking about giving steroids a try? Not seeing the results from the ones you are currently using?
This general guide to the most popular injectable steroids will help you with the basics, as well as give you some measures and steps to follow for best, and most importantly, safest results.
Throughout this article we focus on best practices for the use of injectable steroids, as well as the specific steps to take to increase muscle and minimize side effects.
Please remember that this article is informational purposes only, for medical information, contact your physician or doctor.
Where to Start?
In the world of performance enhancing drugs, there is a ton of options from which you have to choose. The best, and most impactful, of these options is injectable PEDs. They’re so powerful, and popular, because of how consistently effective and efficient they are. Unlike other forms, injectable steroids offer incredible fast recovery time, as well as unbeatable energy levels and stamina levels.
Although they can be found in many forms, often patches and creams, the injectable steroids are the most common and efficient. Being the most common, they hold the most distinguished and notable position among the pack of them all.
One of the reasons that injectable forms are most popular is because they provide the most stability. The results you will experience won’t vary as much as when these drugs are delivered in other ways. Plus, this form of PED’s will largely provide better gains, and in many cases they’ll carry less side-effects and are generally safer.
Popular Injectable Steroids
Your options as far different kinds of injectable steroids include Dianabol, Winstrol, and Testosterone Enanthate, to name a few. Below is a list of the most popular options on the market today:

  • Deca-Durabolin
  • Clenbuterol
  • Winstrol
  • Anadrol
  • Testosterone
  • Dianabolin
  • Primobolan
  • Turinabol
  • Sustanon

The above list of steroids are some of the most popular injectable steroids, although some come in other forms. In a large number of cases, the injectable version of these PED’s are more efficient and powerful than the pill or other forms. Regardless of what you’re looking to accomplish, you’re bound to find something on the above list.
Below is a summary of the most popular injectable steroids and some subsequent information about them:
Dianabol: This is a very popular steroid because of how it develops muscle mass. If you are thinking of running a Dianabol only cycle, as with testosterone, it can bring about side effects.
Testosterone: This is an extremely effective at causing rapid strength and muscle gains. Worth mentioning, is that Testosterone is extremely fast acting and tends to offer sorer injections, and therefore is undesirable for beginners who have never injected before. While using Testoterone expect side effects such as irritability and aggressiveness, oily skin, and sometimes acne. Also possible as a side effect is fluid retention, which is some cases cause an enlargement of your pectoral area.
What’s involved in a Steroid Cycle?
Whether you’re planning to use one or stack multiple, a steroid cycle is a risky journey that needs to be executed very carefully. It is incredibly important for anyone who is planning on, or wishing to, start a steroid cycle to be thoughtful and deliberate in their process.
Although seemingly daunting, using injectable steroids is fairly easy to do (it is a lot easier still if you have a friend who also uses and is willing to help you with your first few injections).
Steps to a Steroid Cycle:

  1. Either shower or wash your hands thoroughly with soap
  2. Cleanse, rinse, & dry the injection area
  3. Sanitize with an alcohol swab the injection area
  4. Fill the syringe with an equal amount of air in comparison to the intended dose. Then inject the air into the vial.
  5. Draw solution into the syringe while holding the needle upside down
  6. Replace the needle cover & carefully unscrew the needle
  7. Relax the injection site, and if possible, stretch the skin taught (tightly) with the thumb and forefinger.
  8. Once the skin is stretched, inject the needle like a dart, insert it with one swift motion all the way to the end of the needle.
  9. After injection, pull back on the plunger to confirm that blood is NOT entering the syringe. Blood coming back into the syringe signifies you’ve hit a blood vessel.
  10. Push the plunger down
  11. Once the syringe is empty, pull the needle out with one swift motion
  12. Apply a bandage, recap the needle, and dispose of everything

Sterility is key to everything you do surrounding an injection.
Do not share needles.
Do not let the pins make contact with anything that may be hazardous
Use substances which you are sure are legit, reputable, and are sterile
Wash hands thoroughly before any procedures
Inject in a clean sterile environment
Make sure the injection site is cleaned with antibacterial agents before and after
Although easy to ignore, if you want to reduce your risk of infections (which can be very painful and put you out of training for a while) be smart with your injections. Some items you’ll need for a steroid cycle.

  1. You will need your correct-sized barrel
  2. Correct needle for drawing the substance up into the barrel, and then your desired size needle for injecting
  3. You’ll also need compound(s), and sterile swabs

How to Use and When?
If you’re new to steroid use, you’ll have no idea how your body will react to these substances. Therefore, it is incredibly important to have a full and complete understanding of the compounds you are using, as well as their common side effects. Starting with steroids with a short acting life will ensure the steroid is quickly clear from the body if you decide to cease the cycle due to undesirable side effects.
In Conclusion
DO YOUR RESEARCH! Although reading this article is a very healthy start, it’s critical to results, safety, and health that you consider any kind of steroid you plan on using.
Once you’ve decided which type to use, and in what quantity, it is critical that you plan a post cycle rundown therapy. Any kind of steroid use will quickly reduce your body’s natural testosterone production, which means once you’ve cycled off the drugs that you might be left in precarious position. Hence it is important to restore the natural balance and production of hormones in your body post cycle.
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